Craig Cowan

授课科目: 摄影
教育背景: BEd, University of Toronto HonBA, University of Toronto
个人介绍: Mr. Cowan has been a constant pillar of stability and quality education at Sino Canada High School since 2013. He has been teaching Communications, English, Drama, Social Studies, Photography 11 and 12. Mr. Cowan has an interesting background outside the education field. As a professional photographer, he photographed and worked for many high-profile events and personalities, including Yo Yo Ma and Donald Trump! As a finance professional, Mr. Cowan worked at Wells Fargo Financial Services in Canada, leading a team through relocation, digital transformation, and ongoing rightsizing during an economy cycle shift. Within the music industry, he managed and developed new talent and negotiated deals in Toronto and New York. In addition, Mr. Cowan has had professional experience in advertising, music, and real estate. Mr. Cowan has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and an Honors Bachelor of Arts with high distinction from the University of Toronto. He loves living in China and plans on spending many more years here.