Martin Avery

授课科目: 戏剧
教育背景: Hons. B.A., York; B.Ed., Toronto; M.F.A. in Writing, Norwhich; Hons. Specialist English, Queens; AQ Drama, UT/OISE. BCTC, ATC, OTC.
个人介绍: An English and Drama as well as World Studies teacher with many years of experience. A coach for Public speaking and drama as well as soccer and basketball. I started teaching in Toronto in 1980, at York University. I’ve taught high school in Ontario, Alberta, and for 8 years in Dalian, China. My hometown, north of Toronto, was the birthplace of Dr. Norman Bethune. I’ve followed in his footsteps. He taught for Frontier College and so did I. He went to U of T and so did I. He came to China and here I am. An author as well as an educator, I had 5 books published before age 30 and 300 or so since then.