Daniel Muise

授课科目: 社会学
教育背景: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Geography & Geology)—Saint Mary’s University—Halifax, Canada Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Secondary)—Mount Saint Vincent University—Halifax, Canada
个人介绍: Born and raised in a small town of just 6,000 on Canada’s East Coast, Daniel was eager from a young age to experience everything that the world had to offer. In his late teen years, Daniel discovered his passion for travelling, exploring different cultures and making friends from all walks of life. After graduating from Saint Mary’s University in 2014, Daniel set off for South Korea, where he spent a year teaching at elementary and middle schools across the country. It was during his time in Korea that Daniel truly realized his second passion: teaching. In 2017, he completed his teacher certification and found himself jetting off to China, where he has been teaching in the Social Studies Department for nearly 6 years. Throughout his time as an educator and travelling the world, Daniel has managed to visit more than 70 countries around the globe, learning and gaining unique experiences along the way. Today, Daniel enthusiastically brings these experiences into his classroom and works to incorporate his passion into his social studies teachings, helping his students to grow their interest and curiosity of the world around them.