Nickiesha Findley

授课科目: 英语
教育背景: Master of Education (M.Ed.) – Instructional Design & Technology American College of Education, Indiana, USA Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Hons.) – Secondary Education ~ Language & Literacy Mico University (Teacher’s College), Kingston, Jamaica Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed.) (Hons.) – Secondary Education ~ English & History University of the West Indies (Joint Board of Teacher Education), Kingston, Jamaica
个人介绍: An ‘island gal’ from Kingston, Jamaica, Ms. Findley has been moulding young minds since 2010. Teaching connects to her desire to partake in something bigger than herself. It is an opportunity to make the world a better place by shaping the next generation. Her personal quest for knowledge largely influences her pedagogy – building a learning environment that promotes active learning, interactivity, authenticity and student-centredness. Teaching in China is Ms. Findley’s way of seeking to understand and experience how teaching and learning works in a different cultural and geographic sphere.