Jane Basut

授课科目: 数学
教育背景: University of Southeastern Philippines- Obrero Campus, Davao City, Philippines Major: Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics Qualifications: Licensure Examination for Teachers Passer- Philippines Nova Scotia Teaching Certificate Holder- Nova Scotia, Canada
个人介绍: Ms. Jane is a Mathematics teacher with a bubbly personality. She is full of curiosity about places, culture, and life. She is always on the go for more adventures to enrich her knowledge and experience. Arriving in China in 2016, she taught at the Sino- Canadian Program at Chengdu Foreign Languages School for 7 years. She has experience teaching Grade 9 Science, Grade 10 Math and Science, and Math 11. Besides teaching, she also handles, organizes, and assists students in Math and Science competitions and, even had the chance to travel abroad with students to join invention exhibitions. Apart from teaching, she likes to watch documentaries and movies, read books, play badminton and board games, join hiking and camping, explore places and culture. She also has a huge appetite for food and coffee. She lives by- Life is an adventure each day, so live it and radiate it. BE OPTIMISTIC!