Vivian Chong

授课科目: 英语
教育背景: Hon. BA English Literature/Law, Ethics, & Society – University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada Paralegal Studies- Centennial College, Toronto, Canada
个人介绍: Ms. Chong has worked in various capacities in the field of education since 2007 and formally began teaching overseas in 2016. Her background in law and legal studies has helped hone her abilities to conduct research and write persuasively. She imparts these strategies to her students in order to help them write more concisely, as well as build their confidence. She has taught English as a second language, English literature, entrepreneurship (intro), and has worked with students with learning disabilities. She believes that education is only meaningful insofar as the student understands how it is applicable to his/her own life. As such, Ms. Chong strives to facilitate as many chances for discovery as she can for her students. Outside of teaching, Ms. Chong enjoys travelling, undertaking DIY projects, discovering new foods, and reading.