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中加枫华 国际学校 枫华毕业生


  My life in UBC is way busier than I expected. UBC is so big that I took more than one month to get familiar with this school. I take five courses plus 1 credit LFS 100 (our faculty's required course) this semester and the result turns out that I haven't been so busy ever in my life. Classes are huge (around 200~300 people/class) and I have to run between buildings within 10 minutes. Fortunately I got used of it, but 8 am class every morning is a torture, especially when winter comes.


  Materials in university is generally harder, and professors talk really fast. In university, you have to be responsible for yourself because no one will be reminding you what you'll have to do. I have to keep track of when my assignments' due dates are and when the midterms will be coming up. (Btw, please tell Mr.Lindholm that Moodle is really really useful. Right now we submit our homework and obtain info from UBC connect, which is similar to Moodle, so that I didn't have to spend time on figuring what's that about.)

  大学里的学习材料,总的来说更难了,而且教授讲课真快。在学校里,你必须对自己的事情负责,没有人再提醒你要做什么。我必须要自己记录作业的截止时间,以及期中考试的时间。(顺便说一下,请告诉Mr. Lindholm,枫华的MOODLE真的非常有用。现在我们不管是提交作业还是获取信息都是从UBC的网络上操作,它就类似MOODLE。因为在枫华已经熟悉了,所以我不需要花时间弄清楚如何使用)。

  Generally, we have to spend 3 hours reviewing for one lecture (one class is 50 min) in order to digest what the prof is talking about during the lectures, and pre-reading is very very important, otherwise you would have no clue when you attend class. I have 2 midterms (3 midterms for Psych) and 1 final for each course. However, my midterms are all spread out. The result turns out that my midterm period is 4 weeks long and the midterm 2 came up one week after I finished my midterm 1.


    Students in UBC are smart and hard working, and many of them took AP and IB before getting into university, which means they actually know more than I do. Sometimes it is hard to catch up because some content is really hard.


  Recently, many Grade 12s came to me and told me that they are afraid they would not be able to get into universities because their marks right now are lower than universities' requirements. What I want to suggest them is to try their best and they should be fine. And take as many classes as possible because they may be really useful when you get into university. But I really want to tell them is enjoy the rest of their high school life because life won't be that easy when they get into university. That's why I miss SCHS so much.


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