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中加枫华国际学校 BC校长 致信



Dear Parents and Students:


I have been delayed writing to you this email due to the fact that the situation over the last few weeks has been changing and there has been much speculation about decisions that will likely happen in the next week or two. I apologize if me not giving you any information sooner has caused you concern or anxiety; but I did not want to send out any information to you that might have had to be changed as this could have caused a significant amount of confusion and further anxiety.


First, let me start by wishing all of you good health. As with you, these few weeks have been very disconcerting for us. I have been talking with Sino Canada staff regularly and we are concerned for your health and safety. We also know that this must be a very difficult time for you as students, parents, employees and employers during these difficult and uncertain days. We have been monitoring what has been going on in China and through our contacts there feel that the local authorities are doing all that it can to alleviate the situation. With the interventions in place we are confident and hopeful that things with soon return to normal.


Our job as staff of Sino Canada High School is to alleviate one of your concerns -your child’s education. Immediately upon hearing the decision of the Wujiang Education Bureau to extend the holiday to early March, we have been in discussions with the teaching staff, Head Office administration and the British Columbia Ministry of Education regarding the effective continuation of education for your child during this time. In short, starting Wednesday (February 19th, 2020) Sino students will be receiving regular lessons and assignments. Obviously this will all have to be conducted through the internet and as such will not be the same as face-to-face classroom teaching. During this period of online instruction, we are asking that parents encourage your children to keep up on their school work, and even get involved in their learning in any way possible. Online learning is much more successful when students are supported, and supervised in making sure they are completing their work, and reviewing each day.


We will be using our online course system (Moodle – http://lms.sinocanada.cn) and teachers will be enrolling the students into their classes by Feb 19th. We will have course work that students need to complete each day, but they can do this at their own time. Each week, teachers will also be holding scheduled live sessions where students can connect directly to their teachers and classmates, and ask questions, and have discussions.


I am certain that students will all have rich learning experiences over the next two weeks and beyond if necessary. I also fully anticipate that the learning plans we have in place will not affect their marks and students will all find success similar to what they have already experienced this year.


For parents of grade 12 students I am also fully confident that these measures implemented will not in any way affect students'ability to continue with their graduation, applications to universities or offers from universities. Our academic advisors, and overseas office have been in contact with a number of students over the past few weeks helping them with any thing they need, such as transcripts and letters to universities. We will continue to support students with all of these important tasks.


Again, I want to express my deepest concerns for all of you. I know that this has been a very trying time for each of you and your families. Our hope as the Sino Canada BC staff is to alleviate one of those anxieties – your child’s education.


We thank-you all for your patience and understanding at this time as this is a new experience for all of us.


Finally, please take care. We are all looking forward to being back to classes teaching and seeing our fantastic Sino Canada BC students in classes – as it should be. I know it must be difficult being in your homes for so long; but this looks to be the best possible means for stopping this terrible virus. If you need to go out, again please stay safe.


Kindest regards,


Graham C. Setters

Principal, Sino Canada BC High School


February 17, 2020


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